Decryption for justice

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What is GovCracker?

GovCracker is a decryption software designed for law enforcement agencies,
universities, IT forensics companies and law firms.

It can decrypt encrypted IT evidence such as VeraCrypt, Bitlocker,
Apple FileVault or Bitcoin wallets.

From investigators,
for investigators

GovCracker was created by and for law enforcement officers.
It helps you decrypting important IT evidences in criminal cases.


✅ World´s fastest password decryption
     with GPUs & CPUs (CUDA / OpenCL)

✅ 450+ supported algorithms

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Target person wordlist creator

✅ Flexible and complex attack creation
✅ Smart attack functionalities

✅ Distributed (Brain) decryption workloads

✅ With Hashcat - world's fastest

Wordlist Creator

✅ Create wordlists with target person

✅ Child names

✅ Pet names

✅ Hobbies
✅ By entering this information, you can
     generate several million possible passwords
     for the target person

👋 Hey!

I´m Sascha Luedtke,
Managing Director at Decrypta Technologies Germany

✋ Hey!

I´m Robert Skibbe,
Software developer and the creative brain at Decrypta Technologies Germany

The team also consists of

✔️ law enforcement officers

✔️ IT forensic experts

who help us with practical
suggestions for improvement

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